About us

Creation and Development of the Slovak Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

In 1995 several financial institutions operating in Slovakia decided to form the Slovak Venture Capitaland Private Equity Association (SLOVCA). Its primary purpose was increasing awareness of the public to the availability of private equity and venture capital to entrepreneurs, as well as to other investment and banking institutions, and economic, political and regulatory bodies in Slovakia.

The mission of SLOVCA includes four key objectives:

  • To provide information to those seeking capital for new and existing enterprises
  • To represent the interests of members before the government and other related institutions/agencies
  • To provide a forum for networking for members to exchange views and practices
  • To provide education and training for members of SLOVCA and others

Legal Form

SLOVCA is a legal entity - an association of legal entities with common interests established under section 20f of the Act No. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code of Slovak Republic by Founders` Agreement on November 8, 1995 and registered on December 22, 1995. The Statutes of the Association was approved by the founders on November 8, 1995 and also registered within the Company's Register.