SLOVCA in the present

SLOVCA is an active member of Invest Europe, formerly known as EVCA and member of the group of National Associations throughout Europe. Its members are actively involved in preparing publication to promote venture capital and private equity in Central and Eastern Europe (see Central and European success Stories). SLOVCA keeps discussion among all interested parties on designing its future activities tailored to the specific needs of its members.

Nowadays SLOVCA:

  • Represents, informs and defends professional interests of its members
  • Collaborates with the government in establishing and developing legal, fiscal and financial environment adequate for the investors as well as for the targeted investments
  • Supports and encourages creation and development of companies, which are seeking direct investments to new technologies, innovatory projects and of medium-sized enterprises seeking equity capital
  • Provides professional background for SLOVCA members and others and help forming new professionals in this sector
  • Facilitates the possibility of syndication investments for the members of the association
  • Develops and maintains the highest professional ethics of its members, in accordance with SLOVCA's Code of Conduct
  • Informs entrepreneurial sector about possibilities of venture capital financing with the objective to increase the number of investments - education and nurturing