Jet Investment of Brno financier Igor Fait opens a third fund of qualified investors Jet 3. It is going to invest in medium-sized industrial companies in Central Europe and will also look for investors abroad. It wants to raise up to eight billion Czech crowns for purchases and thus become the largest private equity fund in the Czech Republic.

The Jet 3 Qualified Investor Fund will be open to both institutional and individual investors. A substantial portion of the capital in Jet 3 should come from foreign financial institutions. The Jet 3 fund's investments will go to medium-sized industrial companies in the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany and Slovakia, and the fund will have three years of purchases. "We will look around in Central Europe, we see opportunities in Germany or Poland, for example, where there are more interesting investment goals than in the Czech Republic. With 25 years of experience in private equity, we know the Central European business area very well, in the region you can find companies with huge development potential, "says Jet Investment managing partner Igor Fait.

The fund will focus on energy, automotive, modern materials and engineering. However, Brno investors do not oppose opportunistic investments in other fields either. It is not clear how many companies will be bought into the fund, but Jet Investment envisages seven to nine union platforms, into which companies will synergistically associate.

This is the third private equity fund of the investment company Jet Investment for seven years, and its portfolio also includes the pre-opened real estate fund Jet Industrial Lease, which focuses on the purchase of the industrial real estate. In the existing Jet 1, Jet 2 and Jet Industrial Lease funds, Jet Investment manages 8.5 billion crowns for investors and, during its 25 years of existence on the market, has brought its investors a valuation in excess of 25% p.a.

Jet Investment employs approximately 4,100 people in its portfolio companies, including newly acquired ones, and revenues are around CZK 15 billion.

The full press release can be found in the appendix.