On 8 October 2020 Vienna hosted AVCO ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2020 organised by the Austrian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association.

The panel „Investment strategies in private equity post corona: risks and opportunities“ was moderated by Gregor Zach of Austrian PWC and hosted Christian Stix of Mezzanine Management, Chris Wittlinger of Russmedia Equity Partners, Linus Lenhard of AGIC Partners GmbH and from the SLOVCA members Tatiana Balkovicová of Genesis Capital.

The panellists discussed the situation in their portfolio companies and on the M&A market since coronavirus outbreak in spring 2020. They confirmed that even if the situation is not easy, interesting investment opportunities and situations are available on the market, and new ones are arising also in reaction to coronavirus. Strong interest of the investors into private equity funds, experienced by some panellists in their recent fundraising processes, also proves this. As Tatiana says: „Every crisis is an opportunity at the same time. Coronavirus represents an unprecedent impact into people’s lives and economies, on the other hand it contributes to people’s creativity, development and innovation. Private equity is a right partner in this situation, it can provide growth capital to the companies when bank financing can be unachievable and also represents a solution to successful entrepreneurs looking for suitable successors. At Genesis Capital we are actively looking to partner with the right management teams and entrepreneurs despite the current challenges. We have capital for investments ready in our current funds, and are also working hard on fundraising a new fund.”

The coronavirus also affected the conference venue, some panellists could be present in Vienna, some joined online. “It was really interesting to discuss with my fellow panellists and hear their experience, I am grateful to AVCO and SLOVCA for the opportunity” Tatiana concludes.