Innovation is all around us as businesses continue to develop new inventions, invest heavily in R&D, and register new Intellectual Property (IP) rights. However, the increase of such intangible assets lends itself to more things keeping decision makers up at night. The value has been created but is it being adequately protected? What are some of the key liabilities and exposures relating to intellectual property rights such as the event of a catastrophic IP infringement lawsuit?

I’m delighted to invite you to Aon’s IP Insurance Webinar for Czech & Slovakian Corporates on Wednesday, 17th May at 10:00 – 10:45 AM. Our IP experts will elaborate on how to protect your company balance sheet from IP risks and utilize insurance to enhance enterprise value. The webinar is designed to discuss the main IP insuring clauses and will attempt to answer these questions to help you better understand the benefits and uniqueness of utilising IP insurance both to protect your bottom line and to enhance existing enterprise value. You will come away with a better knowledge of the IP insurance market and should feel more confident about building your own IP strategy.

I do hope you can join us and please register with the link below:

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