Dear SLOVCA members, we would like to draw your attention to a survey of 245 GPs and LPs within Private Equity recorded by our partner organization Invest Europe in collaboration with Arthur D. Little. The survey covers topics from fundraising, portfolio management, investment opportunities, to the development of the private equity market.

Survey agenda:

1. Background and summary

2. Fundraising, support and investments from LP to GPs

3. Key investment criteria in Private Equity

4. Private Equity Transaction Market

5. Focus of Private Equity operations and portfolio management


Main findings of the survey:

GPs and LPs have a slightly more positive outlook for the future with increased activity and opportunities in the Private Equity market.


• GPs and LPs expect an increased inflow of capital into Private Equity

• Belief in PE also due to the expected increase in auctions and IPOs

• Increase in ESG and Impact funds

• GPs are seeing an increase in confidence in finding new opportunities

• The coronavirus did not have a significant negative impact on the market


You can read the full report below.